Develop Your Personal Brand and Attract the Right Opportunities - The 9 Drivers

A lot is said about Personal Branding. Browse online for a few minutes, and you will find a strong relationship about Influencers and their brands—no wonder why people believe that having a brand means being present online. But I don't believe in it. Neither do I believe that only online, you can influence others. These are paradigms that must be broken if you are not ready to be exposed online yet.
I am the biggest advocate of online exposure, though, and I teach every day that you must be online advertising what you do best so that you can attract the right opportunities to yourself. And I also advocate that you must develop on you nine drivers that make your personal brand so that when you are ready to go online, all you will need to do is to learn how the Social Media tools work. 
What makes you move? Is there a particular change in the world that you want to make? Are all of your goals related to the lifestyle you want to yourself and your famil…

Ki-Force and SkillSet School Bring Fitness to The Screens of Professionals and Students With New Partnership.

DUBLIN, IRELAND - Students and Professionals using the SkillSet School platform have no excuses to be fit and mindful now with the whole new set of fitness courses by the London Celebrity and Bestselling book author Davide Alfonsi in the platform. 
The frowned upon partnership was strategically settled over Instagram to show the world that the online training platform is not another dull educational tool but a tool designed to develop the soft and the social skills of their subscribers.
The founders of the school, Thalita Figueiredo and Felipe Lodi believe that vanguard professionals must take care of their intellect as well as their body and soul and that the combination of all these factors builds what they call, 21st-century skills. 
Davide Alfonsi's programmes are well-known in the UK and Italy where he put to shape thousands of busy entrepreneurs, C-Level Executives, and professionals who were encouraged by him to claim their lives back through fitness and mindset. Davide record…

SkillSet School Launches 6 New Project Management Courses in Partnership with The Romanian Proactive Communication.

DUBLIN, IRELAND - Amid increased demand for online learning tools due to Millions of office workers being sent home to prevent the Coronavirus spread, the two educational institutions confirm their cross-country collaboration that will combine Business Process Management expertise with Soft and Social skills. 
The partnership is the result of another successful matchmaking established by the Enterprise Europe Network, a tool supported by the European Commission to foster collaboration among European Countries' SMEs with aligned missions. 
The EEN helps and assists SMEs to innovate, scale and go global. As part of this journey and with the support received from the local contact points, the chamber office in Ireland, Dublin Chamber and the West Regional Development Agency - West Region from Romania, ADR Vest, the founders of both companies have been defining their strategy without even meeting in person, thanks to the dedicated EEN advisers Maria Deady and Miriam Tuomey and their Rom…

What to Consider Before Becoming a 21st-Century Entrepreneur.

Modern techniques of entrepreneurship say that launching new products nowadays requires much more than quality and a beautiful Website. You must invest in your knowledge as a leader, build online authority with the constant creation of content, learn what people want and reverse engineer their habits as buyers.

And until you become some sort of celebrity, your business will struggle to pay you back. Until you build your reputation, you might not become the magnet for opportunities you wish. It can take years for this to happen, so we've been studying what successful people do to win and here are some of the traits required from 21st-century business persons.


One of the main components of your personal brand is your pitch. Because if you pitch well what you do, people will understand what problem you are solving. If you are reliable and have value to offer, people will buy you first and then you will create partnerships, attract talent and clients to buy you…

How to Educate and Engage on LinkedIn.

There's a formula to succeed on LinkedIn, and to the ones willing to do the legwork, it's worth it. A well-structured LinkedIn profile uses stunning artwork, a compelling and problem-solving headline, and a buyer-centric summary that tells your story and explain why they must pick you.

Think of your LinkedIn profile as an advert and use the expensive real estate to display what your specialities are, what you deliver, and how you can make your next prospect succeed. Never underestimate the readers' interested in your profile. If you attracted them there, they are in your sales funnel. Make about them.


With a top-notch profile, made-to-sell vitrine, start posting content about your industry often, so that people will start seeing you as a reference in your field. Content is the new marketing, and you don't need to ask permission to disclose your opinions and arouse people.

Learn what sparks your creativity and suits your creation process: articles, podca…