How to Educate and Engage on LinkedIn.

There's a formula to succeed on LinkedIn, and to the ones willing to do the legwork, it's worth it. A well-structured LinkedIn profile uses stunning artwork, a compelling and problem-solving headline, and a buyer-centric summary that tells your story and explain why they must pick you.

Think of your LinkedIn profile as an advert and use the expensive real estate to display what your specialities are, what you deliver, and how you can make your next prospect succeed. Never underestimate the readers' interested in your profile. If you attracted them there, they are in your sales funnel. Make about them.


With a top-notch profile, made-to-sell vitrine, start posting content about your industry often, so that people will start seeing you as a reference in your field. Content is the new marketing, and you don't need to ask permission to disclose your opinions and arouse people.

Learn what sparks your creativity and suits your creation process: articles, podcasts, videos, reports, infographics, etc. Go the extra mile when trying. As long as you consume content and read books, you should be able to author your independent pieces.


Participate in conversations with people, be visible. Send private messages to professionals who liked and shared your stuff. Keep nurturing your prospects even if they don't know yet that you want to sell them.

Don't be picky about connection requests; accept them all. Moreover, check who has seen your profile, twice, three times a day, and then ask for the connection with a personal and customised message.

Tag people by looking at their profiles, and then wait for their visit that they are likely to make after that. Thank the person and ask for the connection using a personal message. You wish them a great day and be remarkable.


LinkedIn is made of people who can decide, and according to the network, at least half of them check the platform once a day. With patience and consistency, opportunities will come. You will suddenly stumble upon a person who can give your next contract and your next sale. This is when all the legwork will pay off.

Bear in mind that if you found decision-makers on company pages and are following them for a chance of being visible, you must like, share and comment on what they post on LinkedIn. That's how you can show your opinion and value without sounding sales-y. This is not stalking if they first engaged by publishing content, and this does make them vulnerable for you to take advantage and in subtly, tell them what you can do to help.

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