What Job are You Gonna Have in the Future?

The revolution we're living is taking people out of jobs. But we see a clear effort to empower entrepreneurship and an ecosystem depending on new types of jobs. While experts advise you to try new things by becoming an entrepreneur, they also talk about attracting and retaining talent and the importance of teamwork and exceptional teams.

But if so many are told to try entrepreneurship depending on ultra-performers, who are going to "be" in these teams? So as long as we keep working to enable leadership and teamwork, the balance will be re-established, and there will be jobs in the future.


Failed entrepreneurs are an excellent source of information and angels, and venture capitalists welcome them to new attempts. The world is so needy for new geniuses, that following the story of successful leaders failing a lot before accomplishing the incredible, investors recognise that failure is part of the process of creating entrepreneurs, and therefore an assurance of the jobs in the future.

The trend now is companies and brands building their own accelerator camps, working on ground funding support and providing shared office spaces, to facilitate the search for the new "Jobs." And they are not necessarily companies from the Tech world. Once they have candidates under the same roof, they experiment. They switch leaders from one Startup to another just to see how different mindsets play in distinct complex situations.

They tell you to code and to start early. They welcome underaged entrepreneurs and claim that a share of the world's problems can be fixed by listening to what kids have to say. They augment reality and expect you to adopt it. They want you to create software for Alexa and connected toasters.


New technologies seem to be hand-in-hand with fitness as well. The majority of thought leaders, founders, influencers and speakers look healthy and fit nowadays. In a way, a message that everyone wants to live the years to come.

Wearables are also part of your future, and they help tremendously with the frequency you exercise. If you are healthy, you are a step closer to become employable. So ignore that you're being tracked and start creating data about your habits for your own good and be resilient and full of energy.


Very much is said about your data. The job search engine Indeed claims that data helps them identify that a geographic area is not fit for new workers before a corporation establish their new offices. Twitter says that the use of their tools saves a significant number of lives, whether you hashtag before or after a disaster. NGOs invest in preventing catastrophes and in the ability to help people by analysing data sourced from Social Media. And China accepts that creative counterfeiting is a reality, claiming that the West does not have comprehensive all-in-one Apps to search, shop, pay, meet, talk, work, and drive.

Embrace new social networks before anyone else does as they provide new fields for experiments. Embrace new virtual assistants and robots as they hide in them a new world of opportunities. Embrace new markets such as China, the Middle East and South America as they provide a massive number of talented people. Whether will you embrace as an entrepreneur or as a team player, there will be jobs for you and your children.

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