Ki-Force and SkillSet School Bring Fitness to The Screens of Professionals and Students With New Partnership.

DUBLIN, IRELAND - Students and Professionals using the SkillSet School platform have no excuses to be fit and mindful now with the whole new set of fitness courses by the London Celebrity and Bestselling book author Davide Alfonsi in the platform. 

The frowned upon partnership was strategically settled over Instagram to show the world that the online training platform is not another dull educational tool but a tool designed to develop the soft and the social skills of their subscribers.

The founders of the school, Thalita Figueiredo and Felipe Lodi believe that vanguard professionals must take care of their intellect as well as their body and soul and that the combination of all these factors builds what they call, 21st-century skills. 

Davide Alfonsi's programmes are well-known in the UK and Italy where he put to shape thousands of busy entrepreneurs, C-Level Executives, and professionals who were encouraged by him to claim their lives back through fitness and mindset. Davide recorded exclusive material to the platform aimed at keeping people moving when confined into hotel rooms and small spaces. All the exercises shown were purposedly using furniture and living room objects for that matter. 

Davide thinks that "Fitness should improve the lives of professionals in every dimension, not consume." His set of four fitness courses branded as "Ki-Force" are available in the platform from April 15th, and the first subscribers will also have access to limited-time giveaways that he prepared, including guides on meditation and stretching exercises. 

About SkillSet School 
With hours of content and structured exercises, SkillSet School brings an innovative and exclusive curriculum aimed at developing on expatriate professionals the soft, social and digital skills that international corporations want. The courses are classroom-based or online, delivered by our industry experts in universities and businesses. 

About Davide Alfonsi and Ki-Force 
Davide Alfonsi is a London celebrity trainer who has learned from some of the best in the business and has a personal story so compelling it should be a TV mini-series (or maybe an opera!) Clients include executives, TV personalities, actors, entrepreneurs, world-class musicians and busy professionals who want to change their bad habits for good. 

For further information, please contact:   

SkillSet School  



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