SkillSet School Launches 6 New Project Management Courses in Partnership with The Romanian Proactive Communication.

DUBLIN, IRELAND - Amid increased demand for online learning tools due to Millions of office workers being sent home to prevent the Coronavirus spread, the two educational institutions confirm their cross-country collaboration that will combine Business Process Management expertise with Soft and Social skills. 

The partnership is the result of another successful matchmaking established by the Enterprise Europe Network, a tool supported by the European Commission to foster collaboration among European Countries' SMEs with aligned missions. 

The EEN helps and assists SMEs to innovate, scale and go global. As part of this journey and with the support received from the local contact points, the chamber office in Ireland, Dublin Chamber and the West Regional Development Agency - West Region from Romania, ADR Vest, the founders of both companies have been defining their strategy without even meeting in person, thanks to the dedicated EEN advisers Maria Deady and Miriam Tuomey and their Romanian counterpart Mira Sisak who helped them meet online and collaborate. 

Proactive Communication, the company founded and chaired by Paul Brad, a certified trainer and Project Manager with decades of classroom experience, specialises in process improvement, lean manufacturing techniques and workplace performance with delivered projects to companies like Alcatel, Bosch, Continental and Miele. Paul sees the new partnership as "the opportunity to support, sustain and entrench the individual and organisational learning in these challenging times, as well as deliver even more value to the market by becoming a borderless organisation." 

Felipe Lodi, the founder of SkillSet School, believes that "Business Professionals thriving on today's markets must also have extraordinary soft and social skills in addition to the technical and digital skills acquired during their careers as business leaders." Felipe also believes that by maintaining a cross-country partnership with another training company in Europe is a unique opportunity for creating specific educational content that cannot be found elsewhere. Therefore, "finding a trustworthy international partner is never easy, but with the help of EEN, we found the right partner and chemistry to proceed to tangible cooperation combining local knowledge and international expertise," Felipe added. 

Both training companies will start operating together on April 1st, supplementing each other's online course catalogue with the focus on evolving this collaboration into classroom-based deliveries in Ireland and Romania in the near future.  

About SkillSet School 
With hours of content and structured exercises, SkillSet School brings an innovative and exclusive curriculum aimed at developing on expatriate professionals the soft, social and digital skills that international corporations want. The courses are classroom-based or online, delivered by our industry experts in universities and businesses. 

About Proactive Communication 
The training company was established in 2004 with the vision to be the trustful and competent partner of learning companies. They have gained recognition and a continuously growing customer base by anticipating and moreover exceeding their customer's expectations.  

For further information, please contact:   

SkillSet School  

Proactive Communication   
[email protected] 

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