Develop Your Personal Brand and Attract the Right Opportunities - The 9 Drivers

A lot is said about Personal Branding. Browse online for a few minutes, and you will find a strong relationship about Influencers and their brands—no wonder why people believe that having a brand means being present online. But I don't believe in it. Neither do I believe that only online, you can influence others. These are paradigms that must be broken if you are not ready to be exposed online yet.

I am the biggest advocate of online exposure, though, and I teach every day that you must be online advertising what you do best so that you can attract the right opportunities to yourself. And I also advocate that you must develop on you nine drivers that make your personal brand so that when you are ready to go online, all you will need to do is to learn how the Social Media tools work. 


What makes you move? Is there a particular change in the world that you want to make? Are all of your goals related to the lifestyle you want to yourself and your family?

These are questions that you must make to yourself every day. If you aim to become a brand, you must focus on values that deliver back to society. People won't buy you if your primary goal is having a boat and a house at the beach.

Nowadays people are sensitive to each other's missions, and with the advent of Social Media, every inappropriate move that doesn't pay back to society will attract the wrong followership to yourself. And remember, opportunities come from the type of connections you have. If you advertise that all of your focus is on useless things, the people you will attract will be the people with similar values. And they might not help you get far.


You must invest time in yourself. You must read, write and learn the techniques to become an excellent communicator. Companies nowadays want professionals capable of leading meetings, making presentations and persuading prospects that your solution to a problem is the best one.

And guess what? You must also be concise when delivering your pitch. With the reduced attention span of people these days, the chances are that you are going to get only a few seconds to grab people's attention to what you have to communicate. 

Therefore, being an excellent communicator will demand from you a smart choice of words and influencing skills. Being an outstanding communicator will take you to another level, especially if you know well your reason.


People won't remember what you say unless you make them feel something. Emotional storytelling is an excellent ally when you need to bring back your memories from the past, smartly hooked to the value proposition of your speech.

The trick is not to make about yourself but about how your audience will relate to your story. A simple connection might be enough to make them reckon that you have been through the same challenges as your public, or that you already achieved something that they are still chasing.

And considering that in your audience can be your next decision maker, researching about components that will relate them to you will work perfectly if you need to establish a rapport that might lead you to a new job or a sale. Communicate this well and be remarkable.


People tell me that I am repetitive. And I tell them that I am consistent. Keep talking about the same things over and over not only did make me an authority in my field but also gave me abilities to write a 226 pages book in 14 days.

Therefore, if you are in an industry that you want to succeed, you will want to keep talking over and over about it. If you have a mission and a reason to improve things in your industry, nothing like keep throwing your opinion at people so that they will know your position.

Be a player in your industry by exposing what you learned and make sure that people know where your beliefs stand. Become an authority and be remembered every time keywords related to your industry are mentioned online. Opportunities follow consistency, perseverance, and a bit of "being at the right place at the right time."


Do you try to emulate someone else's behaviour or follow a path that isn't yours? Please don't. You are attractive the way you are right now. As I write this, I am already curious to know if you will be reading this in your favourite Coffee shop or commuting from a city that I have never visited before. You are already special to me. 

Your habits and the people you know make you authentic. The things that you like also do. The way you communicate and the accent that you have as well. These are features of your Cereal box — features of the product "you." 

Besides, the specific formula a professional used to succeed might not work for you if you try to simulate their actions. Several aspects and conditions were particular to their journey to make their success happen for them. 

Resume your own story by starting exactly where you are now. I am not saying that you must not evolve, because you must. But the growth must be an improvement that came from a natural desire to succeed. Being yourself is being happy. When you try to become your prosperous neighbour and fail, stress and sadness will accumulate, you will feel lost, and you will be far from becoming a reference to others. Don't let this be a consistent behaviour of yours.


You are the only person in the world with the combination of the things that you like, the people you know, with the projects that you worked on, with the skills that you learned and the way you solve problems. Play with it and reap the rewards of being admired as who you are.

And, again, if you are not trying to impersonate someone because you learned that being authentic is essential for you too, the chances are that you learned how to benefit from your uniqueness.

In times like these, when the message must be tailored to each audience, that the value your deliver must be for that person, for that cohort, being unique is the way for setting you apart from a group and consequently be seen as an authority in your field.

For instance, play with the fact that you practised your skills in several countries when you are in a group of people who never left their country. Your uniqueness tied up with your authenticity is a powerful way of becoming a brand.


You might want to create a presentation style even if that means repeating over and over that white T-Shirt of yours. Defining a specific way of presenting yourself will work great for your brand as your audience will establish a relationship between your message and your image.

But if you are up for the style they do in San Francisco, you might be missing opportunities to impress your peers if you are not wearing a suit and tie or a nice blouse and make-up, and not keeping up with the last trends in fashion.

It might look futile, but investing in a set of clothes that will define your brand will pay off, especially if you go against the people emulating the wrinkled style of football players and musicians.


How come you don't disclose your phone number and your primary Email address online? Have you been checking your private messages on LinkedIn? What about establishing a professional presence on all the major Social networks. 

Fact is that if you are not replying to new connections in the first 48 hours that they appear, you are missing the boat. And if you believe that opportunities only come clean in an Email message offering you a meeting, you are way too far from networking like a pro.

Being accessible is one of the main rules for attracting the right opportunities, especially if you agree that they come in disguise. Opportunities can be hidden in messages that someone else's name was mentioned, or on an online conversation that you don't belong and that you were accessible enough to be "listening."


And the best way to expose your brand is by creating content; The practice of telling everyone about what you know. It is what I am doing here without being asked. Educating for free is vital. 

And as you consistently put your authentic opinion out, your unique solution to a pain that your audience has, your brand stands out. A "marketable skill," as a friend of mine usually says. The vehicle that will leverage your chances of succeeding significantly. 

Authoring isn't easy. And you don't need to become a Blogger as the chances are that nobody will follow your stuff until you establish followership. But you need to expose what you think without the fear of being judged. 

Because a brand knows its value, and it believes in what it can deliver. And if well-known brands are always bragging about how better and how bigger they are in comparison to their competition, why aren't you doing the same for your personal brand?

About The Author Felipe Lodi

Felipe Lodi creates 21st-century branded professionals that want to sell more, attract and retain top talent with the use of Social Media. At the end of 2018, he launched his first book, Advanced LinkedIn, documenting his Learning and Development and Social Hiring methodologies that led thousands of people to succeed using the network.

He believes that the global demand for specialists can be met with the implementation of employer branding and the upskilling of professionals. He teaches that when used strategically, a strong presence on LinkedIn influences decision and change-makers. His vision is to establish a standard of professionals that won't need to be interviewed by recruiters or elected by governments. He wants to create a global culture of automated job admittance that will accelerate the hiring and retire the paper CV along with the middlemen. 


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